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    Who Can Deposit?

    Researchers whose work is funded by NERC, or those whose research falls under the area of the terrestrial or freshwater sciences can deposit data to the EIDC.

    Why Deposit?

    Depositing your data to the EIDC ensures:

    • secure, long-term storage
    • future usability
    • people will be able to discover and download the data
    • you can obtain a DOI and make your data citable
    • legal and funder requirements are met
    • embargo periods and licensing are managed

    How to Deposit

    Depositing your data to the EIDC is simple. Please contact us to offer any data you think might be suitable for our collection. You will be guided through the process by one of our staff who will agree key details with you before data is transferred. Our Service Agreement captures information such as what data will be handed over and when it is to be made public.

    Data should normally be provided in a non-proprietary format, for example as csv rather than an MS Excel spreadsheet (see guidance). A full list of file formats we will accept, including advice on the file format you should convert your data to prior to deposit, is available (see guidance).

    You will also be asked to provide appropriate metadata that describes the data, enabling its discovery, and any supporting documentation necessary to enable re-use of the data (see guidance).

    See our EIDC Help page for further help and guidance.

    More detailed information on the deposit process is available.


    Personal data

    Personal data are only processed as part of long-term data archiving services for scientific research and development undertaken for NERC and hosted at CEH. Our PRIVACY NOTICE tells you more about personal information we collect from you.