Unified Peat Map of Wales

Click-Through Licence for Access to the Unified Peat Map of Wales

The Data is held by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) on behalf of The Welsh Government. Ownership of the Data and all rights subsisting in the Data, including copyright, database rights and rights to apply for patents or any other intellectual property rights, rests with Welsh Government, unless otherwise stated. Your use of information provided by the CEH is at your own risk. Please read any warnings given about the limitations of the information.

 1. Using the data

a. The Data may be used free of charge for Non-Commercial purposes only. Elements of this data are derived from data owned by British Geological Survey. This may place additional constraint on your ability to use this data for your intended purpose, particularly if for Commercial use, as detailed throughout the clauses in this licence.



Any purpose that is not Commercial.


Any Use of the Data, or the provision or receipt of a Service, that involves making a Financial Gain. This definition of Commercial applies to organisations regardless of whether they are commercial or non-commercial (e.g. charitable).

Financial Gain

Where there is a revenue or credit above any reasonable costs that were incurred in making available or supplying a copy of the Data. This includes activities making use of the Data that leads to, or is intended to lead to, income-generating work in any way whatsoever.


View, disclose, reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, quote or review.


The data, documents or information (not including logos) made available by Welsh Government.


The supply of data, documents, information, products, advice or services which incorporate or makes use of the Data.

   Examples of Non-Commercial use:

  •  A public body supplying Data to a contractor for use in supplying goods and services to that public body where such goods and services are required to enable the public body to carry out its public task, providing the receiving public body is not using the Data commercially and accepts these terms of use.

  •  A public body supplying data to another public body for the purpose of either one carrying out its public task (e.g. a county council providing data to a district council), providing the receiving body is not using the data commercially and accepts these terms of use.

  • Educational and classroom use, private study, research, criticism, news reporting and review.

  •  The supply of Services where there is no Financial Gain to the provider or recipient, e.g. voluntary work.

  •  A public body responding to enquiries under the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR), the Freedom of Information Act (FOI), the Data Protection Act (DPA) or other statutory instruments.

  • use in websites that are personal, academic or research oriented and which cannot be used for Financial Gain


2. General Terms

 a. Nothing in these Terms of Use will in any way restrict your statutory rights of access to and use of the Data supplied.

 b. By using the Data supplied you are accepting these Terms of Use in full.

 c. Welsh Government reserves the right to terminate this agreement for use of its Data at any time. In the event of termination you shall cease to use the Data and provide us with confirmation of the fact.

 d. The Data is subject to copyright protection under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

 e. Any product derived from or incorporating the Data must be accompanied by an acknowledgment of the source by using the following statements:

    1. “© Hawlfraint y Goron: Llywodraeth Cymru” or “© Crown copyright: Welsh Government”; Contains Natural Resources Wales information © Natural Resources Wales and Database Right. All rights Reserved.

       And, as the Data includes content from British Geological Survey

    2.  “Derived in part from British Geological Survey geology data @ 1:50,000 scale. BGS © UKRI.”


    f. You will ensure that citation of any relevant key publications and Digital Object Identifiers identified in the metadata record for the Data are included in full in the reference list of any reports or publications that describe any research in which the Data have been used.

     g. The Data must be re-used accurately and not in a misleading context.

     h. The Data has not been prepared to meet individual requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Data meets your needs.

     i. Welsh Government shall not in any event be liable for any loss of Data or profits or any loss of or interruption to business caused by use of this Data. Welsh Government does not attempt to exclude any liability that cannot legally be excluded.

     j. Welsh Government cannot guarantee that the Data is free of defects and you should undertake appropriate checks before use. If the Data has been supplied in an electronic format you should check it for viruses and other issues that may affect your computer.

     k. Welsh Government cannot confirm that the Data in its possession will always be accurate, complete, up-to-date or valid. Welsh Government will take reasonable care to ensure that you are provided with an accurate copy of the Data from our records.

     l. You may pass the Data on to third parties for their non-commercial use providing the Data is accompanied by a link to these Terms of Use.

     m. Welsh Government reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time and without warning. If changes occur, a copy of these new Terms of Use will be made available on the website from which you accessed the Data and are effective immediately. Continued use of the information and data after these updated or amended Terms of Use are published is deemed acceptance of the new Terms of Use. We recommend that you return to these pages on a regular basis.

     n. Use of the Data in the performance of a contract that has been issued to you by a contracting body who has itself agreed to these Terms of Use and who will only use the goods and services that you provide in a manner which is Non-Commercial and compliant with these Terms of Use will not be deemed Commercial.

     4. Derived Data

     a. The Data has been derived from more than one source. Some elements of the Data are owned by British Geological Survey. British Geological Survey retains rights in those Data and so specific terms apply to the use of the Data that may be more restrictive than those that would ordinarily be applied to Welsh Government owned Data, particularly if your intended use is not Non-Commercial.

    b. If you wish to use the Data for a Commercial purpose you must obtain a licence from British Geological Survey through the ipr@bgs.ac.uk enquiry service.

    c. Welsh Government confirms it has the right to issue this Licence with the following terms:

     as the Data contains British Geological Survey data the acknowledgement given at Clause 2  paragraph e. section. ii) should be added to all published outputs. For the avoidance of doubt the statement is reproduced here:

     “Derived in part from British Geological Survey geology data @ 1:50,000 scale. BGS © UKRI.”

     5. Governing Law:

    These Terms of Use are made under the laws of England and Wales and come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.