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  • Amend permissions

     Amending permissions can only be done by catalogue users with appropriate privileges

    There are four levels of permission

    1. Can view - the user (or group of users) is able to view the record
    2. Can editthe user/group  is able to amend the record
    3. Can deletethe user/group is able to delete the record
    4. Can uploadthe user/group is able to upload data related to the metadata record


    To change permissions click on the Publish button and choose "Amend permissions".  You will see a list of existing permissions. To change them, click the Edit button 

    • To change an existing user/group's permissions, tick or untick the appropriate tick box.
    • To add a new user/group, type the username or groupname in the username box, assign the approriate permissions and click the "Add" button in the action column
    • To remove a user/group's permissions, click the "x" button in the action column
    • Click Save to save all changes.