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  • DOI policy at the Environmental Information Data Centre
  • DOI policy at the Environmental Information Data Centre

    Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are persistent links to objects. The Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC) assigns DOIs to selected data resources deposited into its repository. All DOIs assigned by the EIDC are registered with DataCite and are compliant with their requirements.

    What types of outputs are assigned a DOI?

    The EIDC will assign DOIs to datasets and other data resources that it holds.  DOIs are assigned with the NERC prefix (10.5285).  Unless, specifically requested otherwise, a DOI will be assigned for every data resource accepted for publication by the EIDC. 

    Withdrawal policy

    Content held by the EIDC is intended for long-term preservation. However, in some cases items may be withdrawn. Reasons for withdrawal might include:

    • Proven copyright violation or plagiarism
    • Falsifed research
    • Legal requirements
    • National security

    A withdrawn item will retain its DOI and the landing page (metadata) will still be publicly available online along with a withdrawal notice. The data resource itself will not be directly accessible, however, users will still be able to request a copy of the data resource from the EIDC.

    Modifications to data resources

    Once a DOI has been assigned, modifications to data resources are normally not accepted.  Any such modifications will result in the old version being withdrawn (see withdrawal policy) and a new version being issued with a new DOI.