Grant of licence for Web Map Services

CEH grants to the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty free licence to use NERC (CEH) web map services, providing the use falls within the Permitted Use set out below and for no other purpose. The Licensee is not permitted to sub-license for any purpose.


  • Where you are an individual user you may use the web map service for your own personal use.
  • Where you are a corporate entity or partnership you may use the web map service within your organisation to support your organisation's activities (Internal Business Use).
  • You may disseminate publications and reports based upon the web map service to third parties, including to third party internet sites.
  • You may display the web map service on your own internet sites subject to inclusion of any copyright notices identified as being required in the metadata record for the web map service.
  • For use of the web map service in scientific and/or academic publications, accepted scientific referencing conventions will apply and you will act reasonably in carrying out such referencing including the citation of any relevant key publications and Digital Object Identifiers identified within the relevant metadata record.
  • In all cases such Permitted Use is limited to private study, bona fide research, educational and teaching activities, as well as the aforementioned Internal Business Use, all on a non-commercial basis. This is subject to appropriate acknowledgement and compliance with any other terms of use related to specific content, as stated in the 'Use Constraints' element of the relevant metadata record.